Ballistic Framing Solutions Guide

Key things you need to know about bulletproof frames and the systems they support.


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You Can’t Have a Bulletproof Glass Project Without Ballistic Frames.

This Guide Outlines Key Things You Need to Know

Bulletproof frames are the backbone of any successful bulletproof glass barrier—literally. 

No matter where you need to install a bulletproof barrier, TSS has a framing system to make your plans a reality. From multi-story curtain walls to simple transaction windows, the right framing system will not only hold your barrier in place, it’ll look great, and stop bullets, too. 

This guide will outline your options and how to choose the right frame for your bulletproof glass project.


The type of frame you choose depends on many factors—your level of bulletproof protection, the type of project, whether your system needs to be inside or outside, and more. This guide will help you understand what’s available and what factors impact your options. 

When you choose TSS as your ballistic systems provider, we’ll take care of everything so you can trust that your project is successful and your facility is protected. To get started, download the guide today.

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Choosing the right frame is one of the most critical aspects of your ballistic barrier project. Working with TSS makes the process easy. In fact, we wrote this guide to equip you to make the best decision possible for your project. In this free, downloadable ebook, we include helpful information so you can understand:

  • Your ballistic framing material options
  • Different applications for various types of frames
  • How TSS can help you protect your team’s safety and your facility’s aesthetics

With the Ballistic Framing Solutions Guide, you’ll have what you need to complete your project. To get started, download today.

Ballistic Framing Solutions Guide

With the Ballistic Framing Solutions guide, you'll have what you need to complete your project. To get started, download today.



Total Security Solutions is the leading nationwide custom bulletproof barrier manufacturer and installer. Since 2004, TSS has designed, engineered, fabricated, and delivered or installed over 25,000 ballistic systems in locations worldwide. With facilities in Michigan & California, and offices around the nation, TSS offers ballistic solutions that provide both Safety + Aesthetics™ to fit your unique space