The Ballistic Transaction Accessories Solutions Guide

Everything you need to know about bulletproof transaction line accessories.

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Ballistic Transaction Accessories Are a Critical Piece of Your Bulletproof System. This Guide Outlines Everything You Need to Know

Bulletproof transaction systems should fit so seamlessly with their environment that you barely notice they’re even in place. The key to making it happen? The right accessories. 

No matter your industry or application, TSS has the right transaction accessory to make your ballistic system complete. Transfer cash and other small items using deal trays. Pass packages with ease using a passer. Speak and be heard with ease using one of our many voice transmission systems. Doing business has never been easier—or more secure. This guide will show you how.


If you’re worried about your transaction line’s functionality, you have more options than you think. Our robust selection of currency trays, passers, drawers, and talk thrus let you customize the entire system to fit your threat level,  job functions, and aesthetic preferences.  

This guide walks you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision so you and your team feel both confident and safe. To get started, download the guide today.

Transaction Drawer


Choosing ballistic accessories is one of the most critical aspects of your transaction line project. Working with TSS makes the selection process easy—which is why we wrote this guide. In this free, downloadable ebook, we include helpful product information so you can make the best decision for your situation by understanding: 

  • Your options for all types of transaction line accessories
  • Different aspects and applications for each accessory product
  • How TSS can help you protect your team’s safety and your facility’s aesthetics

With the Ballistic Transaction Accessories Solutions guide, you’ll have what you need to complete your transaction line project. To get started, download today.

Ballistic Transaction Accessories Solutions Guide

With the Ballistic Transaction Accessories Solutions guide, you’ll be equipped to answer these questions and more. To get started, download today.



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