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BulletProof Doors


Entryways are some of the most vulnerable points for buildings. At TSS, we’re committed to helping you create a safe work environment with bulletproof front and interior doors.

Our approach to creating custom security solutions emphasizes balancing Safety + Aesthetics. When we install ballistic glass doors, we create an attractive work environment that welcomes visitors and keeps your team safe from harm. We test our doors to UL protection levels 1-3, and will help you choose the right materials for your threat level, building architecture, and functional requirements. 

Clients come to us when they need:

  • Bulletproof front doors
  • Bulletproof sliding glass doors
  • Interior doors
  • Security doors


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Along with transaction windows, doors rank high on the list of the most vulnerable points in a non-secure business environment. While you must maintain access to staff areas (including meeting ADA standards), you must also make each access point a bullet-resistant barrier that supports the rest of the secure environment. We can provide a number of bulletproof door options that provide UL Level I, II, and III security, in materials that can emphasize or minimize security as a visual deterrent.

There is absolutely no reason that a Level 3 bullet resistant door needs to look any different from any door in your home. The expertise and custom craftsmanship that goes into these attractive doors epitomizes the Total Security Solutions approach to bullet proof security: balancing function, aesthetics, and value.

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