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Bulletproof Glass and Bullet Resistant Barriers: A How-To Guide.

Plan your next project with our easy to follow guide on bulletproof glass.

No two bullet resistant barrier systems are the same. From police stations to schools, border crossings to banks, we've installed thousands of customized, bulletproof barriers across the country. And every project started with careful planning.

Bulletproof Glass How-To Guide

We know you have questions about how to start your project. That's why we've put together this helpful guide.

Inside the guide, you’ll find everything you need to avoid costly errors and set yourself up for success: 

  • Expert tips on planning, installing and maintaining bullet proof glass
  • How to determine the right kind of barrier for the environment
  • How to select the right materials for your project

Download the guide and get moving.

  • How to Guide Preview image
  • How to Guide Preview image
  • How to Guide Preview image